Adding StoryArcs to Flashback System

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Rough Notes and Musings

Adding StoryArcs to Flashback System: Per V2i2 Request: Make Praetorian story arcs available via the Flashback system. You know, the Warden, Crusader, Responsibility, and Power arcs

I need to get in game and see what's where for Ouroboros, in theory adding new storyarcs should be straightforward Alright so StoaryArcDef has a few Flags including ministoryarc, and noflashback StoryArcDef {

   flashbackcostmultiplier 1
   flashbackrequires Class_Warshade arch char> == Class_Peacebringer arch char> == ||
   Flags flashbackonly

Flags mini

   completerequires SL8_Praetorians_SA HasSouvenir?
   alliance Hero

Okay so storyarcs that matter (the ones being binned) are located at storyarc.bin scripts.loc/**/*.storyarc

So now I just need to look at a requested storyarc to see why it's not already there

Flags ministoryarc, noflashback seems to be set on the praetorian arcs

Bubble has a suspicion that turning them on might require you to override phasing since some of the contacts can be 'removed' during a normal praetorian run (not so much an issue for primal-borns ofc)

i mean, if cleo is gone, and you flashback to do her arcs, she might still be gone, because you still have the flags that say she is gone Yeah yeah, I just will need to see the i22 or i23 stuff to see how they address that there Combat Phasing Players who have out-leveled the Atlas and Mercy Island missions can use flashback to go back and complete the missions and change the world. Note that the world will only be changed once players have fully completed an arc. We can see who would be affected.

Need to see how Firewire's StoryArc is handled with Phasing

FireWire's Storyarc Flags

   Flags ministoryarc
   minplayerlevel 1
   maxplayerlevel 7
   name <<P3240231519>>
   completerequires SL1_FireWire HasSouvenir?
   alliance Villain
   flashbackcostmultiplier 1
   flashbackteamrequires SL1_MI_FireWire OnStoryArc? ! SL1_OperativeKuzmin HasSouvenir? && Level char> 7 > &&
   flashbackteamrequiresfailedtext <<P3269085419>>

// FlashbackLeft Reward
       RemoveTokens missionFireWireArachnosInstance, Phasing_FB_FireWireArcStart, KilledFireWire_FB
// TaskBeginFlashback Reward
       AddTokensToAll Phasing_FB_FireWireArcStart

Other tokens exist in the FireWire Storyarc File. Will need to check, replicate, and verify.