Archetype: Synergist

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An archetype collabortion developed by Phaselight and ChrisKitsch

  • Primary: Assault
    • Assault is basically the same powersets as the Dominator Secondary. A combination of melee and ranged.
  • Secondary: Companion
    • Companion is a combination of single summon, support powers, and control effects
  • Inherent: Synergy
    • Debuffs, Effects, and Holds have greater impact when targeting the same enemy. Enhance friendly attacks on the same target with Damage Type of your primary attacks.

Example Assault Powersets:

Fiery Assault:
Martial Assault:

Example Companion Powersets:

Spectral Companion: Summon Ghost with Illusion and Dark type Powers, Tier 9: Phantasmal Form
Wolf Companion: Summon Wolf with Taunt and Leadership Powers, Tier 9: Savage Form
Robot Companion: Summon Robot with Force fields and Devices, Tier 9: Mecha Form

Companion Secondary Template
Power Name Level Effect Demonic Pact
Summon Companion 1 Bring forth your Bot, Buddy, or Beast! Summon Ember Demon Summon Protector Bot
Tier 2 2 Desc. (Buff Self + Pet) Fire Shield Triage Beacon
Tier 3 4 Desc. (Low Damage Attack/Soft Control) Ring of Fire Caltrops
Tier 4 10 Desc. (Iconic Power) Breath of Fire Targeting Drone
Tier 5 16 Desc. (Single Target Lock) Char Detention Field
Tier 6 20 Desc. (Upgrade Companion) Enchant Demon Upgrade Robot
Tier 7 28 Desc. (Aura Self + Pet) Blazing Aura Seeker Drones
Tier 8 35 Desc. (Buff/Special) Consume Force Field Drone
Tier 9 38 Some kind of Temp Buff or Nuke Hell on Earth Low Orbit Ion Cannon