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To try and reduce confusion, here is a rough list of what code versions we have lying around at present.

Codebase Commonly Refered To As Deployed On Notes
I23 I23 n/a This was the last official release build of the game, and likely the version you had installed at sunset.
I24 I24 - The original leaked source for I24, and the beta client used for Paragon Chat, ICON and as the basis for all private servers
Volume 2 Issue 1 V2 Rebirth, Pleiades (Reddit), /CoXG/ The current version of Ourodev's rebuilt I24 code
2500 2500 / I25 - A leaked copy of the official, very unfinished, I25 code - supposedly based on I23 not I24 due to leapfrogging
I25-SCORE I25 n/a The original leaked code for SCORE's private server, with their own additions and alterations
I25-Homecoming I25 Homecoming Homecomings modified version of the SCORE I25 code
  • We currently posses the PIGG files for I24, along with .def files generated from debinning the contents of bins.pigg
  • We also have the raw data files for 2500 used to produce the 2500 bins (this is the faptastic dump)
  • These are not the same thing - we can use I24 to make bins from the 2500 data, but they generate errors and do not generate duplicates of the I24 bins
  • We also have I25-SCORE and I25-Homecoming's server side patch piggs, but they are of no immediate use unless we need something in them to go with a ported bug fix or feature