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Understanding costume emblems and how to create them

Emblem File Specifications

  • Emblems are usually 128x128 px (some as low as 64x64)
  • They are DDS with alpha, BT3/DXT5 compression with mipmaps, then turned into .texture files

How emblems work

Emblems are the flat graphics that are projected on the chest of a character, not the 3-dimensional chest pieces. They consist of two parts: The main layer and an alpha mask using only black/white/greyscale.

The Alpha Mask paints costume color 1 wherever it is white. It is usually used to frame the full shape of the emblem and lay the background color.

The Main Layer defines where costume color 2 is drawn on top of the alpha. Greyscale gradients get blended with color 1.

Be aware that color 1 and color 2 of the emblem do not always correspond with primary and secondary costume color. This might be defined elsewhere.

Sometimes white is used to mask the main layer, sometimes black. This, too, is defined somewhere else. for new files, please use white for solid color, black for transparency.