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Portal Corps - "Us"

Mission Statement

Portal Corps is a volunteer program originally founded in Dimension Omega Delta 40-2 by Tua, a sentient AI. The mission that guides Portal Corps is to provide social and economic development pandimensionally through technical assistance, while promoting mutual understanding between the denizens of Omega Delta 40-2 and dimensions served.

NPCs of Portal Corps


Tua is an Advanced AI that picked up on tunnels to alternate dimensions and began cataloging them. After seeing the devastation wrought in some of these dimensions, Tua set out to gather individuals who would be willing to explore and aid these other worlds.


Tailor - area positioned to be designed.


Think big, or go home! This is a city of heroes, not a city of people who know what they are doing and act sensibly!
Why have two arms when you can have 20?
You don't have non-matching gloves or boots? Gotta fix that!
You know what they say about assumptions, right? They are excellent and never lead to problems!

Proposed Lore Points

Excerpt from a recorded transmission from Omega Delta 40-2
"They did What!? With SUPERDINE?" 

Fatespinner sighed, Corpsman wasn't going to like the next part either. 

"They also have self-designated their shard as 'Primal Earth'," added Fatespinner.

"WHAT!?" yelled Corpsman. "Who decided that? Was another Webb part of the founding?" 

"Yes, sir. Tua's algorithm's has cataloged it Alpha Alpha 04-04." Fatespinner grinned, "I think she's being cheeky about this one."    

Corpsman leaned back in his chair. He had seen some variations. The living shadows of Zeta Tao 7-63. The Clockwork Epsilon Tau 27-2. But the charts on this shard were different. Splintering. Energy. 

"They went dark seven years ago." he said, looking over the history. "Sunset Cataclysm sounds ominous. Locked in stasis, so why..."

"Why go back?" said Fatespinner, their eyes glinting with excitement. "Why would Tua send a whole division?"

Fatespinner paused for dramatic tension.

"Why, Manic Corpsman: Someone's turned the lights back on." 
  • Bulleted List of Lore Points

Divisions of roles

Using the Menders as a rough template for a splinter cell of Time Travelers

  • Template Marker - Minion
Template Marker - Powers/Costumes/Lore
  • Liuetenants
Template Marker - Powers/Costumes/Lore
  • Bosses/Elite Bosses?
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