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Note: Portal Corps is purely a not-for-profit, volunteer group. Anyone asking for donations on behalf of Portal Corps or any of its contributors does not represent the group and should be ignored.

Welcome to Portal Corps,
the content creation Wiki!
We are hosting 190 pages.

The Portal Corps Project is an ongoing volunteer effort that is attempting to help create custom content and tools for the general public:

  1. Create, test and provide tools for general public for custom content.
  2. Transparency through a public bug tracker and documentation in a public wiki.
  3. Provide comprehensive documentation and support for creating custom content for i24/Volume 2 source.
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Reference Documents

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Content and Mod Tools

Client Customization


Bubble Wrap's random notes on things. Many servers died to bring us this information.

Spawn Objectives Command

XBOX 360 GamePad Mapping

Portal Pipe Dreams



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