Making a modified pigg file

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You must have a complete data set that works for the mapserver and client with -createbins. At present, this method has been tested using the 2500 data set, with an I24 mapserver building the bin files.


  • Modify the raw files you want to change (such at the .ctm files governing character costume availability)
  • Delete the relevant bin from the bincreate data/bin (or data/server/bin) folder
  • Run mapserver with -verbose 2, it should recreate the bin when it reaches that point in the loading order
  • Make a working folder somewhere, we shall call it ROOT, I used my Tequila folder where city of heroes is for the test
  • Build pig.exe and put it in ROOT (it might be called pigtest.exe)
  • Extract the pigg file into ROOT/(pigname) (eg ROOT/Bin for bin.pigg)
  • Put your modified files inside the folder, overwriting the originals
  • Run
    pig.exe -c <folder> -i
  • You will now have <folder>.pigg in ROOT
  • Put the pigg in your piggs folder
  • The client (and server?) should now load it.