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This tutorial explans how to create your own login screen for City of Heroes that will override the image supplied by the server.

Software Needed:


  1. Install Perl
  2. Extract the texture tool zip file to a suitable directory i.e. C:\texture_converter
  3. Create an image file of any major type (jpg, bmp, png, dds).
    The image MUST be 1024 pixels by 1024 pixels, but only 1024 by 768 is displayed.
  4. Save image in the texture_converter\texture_sources\GUI\CREATION\HybridUI\LoginScreen directory named COH_LogInScreen_Background.png (or whatever file type)
  5. In the same directory create a file called textinfo.txt which has the following contents:
    COH_LogInScreen_Background.png -rbg -nomips 1024x768
  6. Run the script
    C:\> perl
  7. If you get an error similar to "sleep(2147450879) too large at line 13." that's okay.
  8. Browse to texture_converter\texture_library\GUI\CREATION\HybridUI\LoginScreen and your COH_LogInScreen_Background.texture file should be there
  9. Create the library tree in your client executable folder \data\texture_library\GUI\CREATION\HybridUI\LoginScreen\ and paste the texture file there.
  10. Launch your client to see your screen!
Login screen template