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A place to document pipe dream implementations to add in as Mods or Features into City of Heroes.


Event: Sunset Vigil

  A new annual event that would either be a recreation of the Sunset Vigils that occurred on November 30, 2012, or a tribute to them
  The tribute could start as a gathering on the steps of City Hall in Atlas Park/Somewhere on Mercy Island, and travel to either a portal to a memorial zone, or an in game monument to those who were left behind by the 6 year gap.  A Rough discussion was made about there being a memorial garden on red side and one on blue side, or a new joint zone similar to Pocket D
  A new animation "power" of the walk toggle that allows for carrying a torch might be needed, it could keep the same toggle kill as the walk toggle currently has.  It would keep the idea of even Speedsters slowdown to respect a solemn occasion.  Even those that would normally hover everywhere step down and actually walk the path in solidarity with those who cannot hover.

Feature: Nemesis Plot

A Cool Idea by ChrisKitsch

It turns out all of this was a nemesis plot.
Similar to the random NPC interactions during some limited events and storyarcs, this delves deeper into a possible Nemesis Plot. But maybe the real Nemesis Plot is the friends we make along the way...

Feature: NPC Hero Population

A Cool Idea by Zethfox
I would like to see if its possible to code ai logic and a system that a persons alts could be seen traveling around and sometimes engaging mobs on the streets of the appropriate level that charecter is, and can be seen entering different building and such. 
Something to create a little more life on sparsely populated servers
Plus the excitement of running into your own alt would be wonderful
There would be no gain from it except just visual, unless it could become something of a "team with your ai controlled alts" by inviting the ones you find running around to your team

NPC Heroes that fight or move around an active city map.
They can be recruited to join as an ally/sidekick/teamup A LA NPC Buddy
And they could be generated from offline player characters on the current server, or even get datafeeds/characters from other servers to populate in
Introducing a Team-Up mechanic would be very cool to have on smaller servers to give that "Team" vibe even if one is not available

Storyline: From the Ashes

concept by User:Dianae
Tiered story arc aiming for an in lore explanation for the sunset/sunrise theme, some aspects would be enhanced/are dependent on other Pipe Dream Ideas and other things that might need to get teased out of the code.

Costume: NPC Group Costume Proliferation

specifically the Menders Costumes (Ouroboros)

Additional Ideas

Instanced events: like a smaller portion of a city zone experiencing a Rikti Invasion
Cutscenes, even if they are just the cut to another portion of the map scenes like in the [get name of that Skull Storyline where you are infiltrating them]
map transitions
hopefully behind said cutscenes (using above cutscenes to cover any loading screens hopefully, I mean)

New Classes/Epic Archetypes

Epic Archetype: Primalist

Complete the unfinished EAT Primalist.

Archetype: Synergist

As a Synergist you fight side by side with a summoned companion.  You excel in a tandem approach to problems and coordinate actions.

Theme: Harlequinade

A movement/circus/clown series of enemies, costume parts, power animations, powers and powersets. Inspired by the Joker, looney tunes, and Circus Tropes and may borrow heavily from Carnival of Shadows villains.
Power Concept: Defender ClownTown summons a Mysterious Present that emits a gas that causes uncontrollable laughter to nearby enemies. He then uses the power Joybuzzer causing electric damage to one enemy and causes nearby Mysterious Presents to explode, knocking back enemies and causing AoE damage. 

Rough Ideas: 
Tank Primary: Clowning would include a Red Nose that honked as a taunt (Honk Honk!), A passive that restored health when your toon was affected by Knockdown, Knockup, and Knockback (Pratfall Perfection). A Toggle that provide low AoE healing to team (The Healing Power of Laughter). 
Defender Primary: Prankster would include debuffs a Pie Throw that would lower accuracy, a flower lapel that sprayed acid to lower resistence, the gas-emmitting present for control, and the Joybuzzer close attack. Final Summon would be a summon clowns power like Gang War (and they all climb out of a small car).
Mastermind Primary: Ringleader. Attacks would be from Titan Weapons (default: Giant Mallet) and summons would be clowns and other circus performers. Tier 3 Summon ideally would be a Circus Bear balancing on a ball. 

Note: these ideas are all napkins and take little into account in terms of feasibility and capability to add new animations and objects. Ideas gathered together from Phaselight and ThatChickenHead and ChrisKitch

Powersets, New

Powerset: Doppleganger

by ChrisKitsch

Variation to Mastermind and their Pets, this archetype would have the ability to spawn duplicates of themselves to fight alongside them. 

Powerset: Adventurers (Mastermind)

By ArchmageMC

Models can be made in-game using existing models/costumes so all that'd need to be ironed out are the powers. 

Minions = Fighter (Broadsword/Shield scrapper) / Rogue (Spines/Ninjitsu Stalker) / Ranger (Archery/Trick Arrow defender/blaster?)
Lt. = Paladin (Melee Force Field and/or any aura that gives def) ,  Cleric (Radiation/empath corrupter)
Boss = Wizard (Fire/Cold Blaster with some controller abilities)

Attacks for the MM itself involve throwing objects at the enemies. 
Unique set attack would be Intervention, which gives Vengeance to your pets without needing one of them to die (Or some other kind of AoE buff or a strong single target buff) 

It'd be a versatile MM set, but not good at any one thing.

Powerset: Plants (Mastermind)

By ArchmageMC

Models/Pet groups inspired by Plants vs Zombies, at least for how the pets are set up. Models would probably need to be custom, but I can make them myself no problem.

Minions = Lethal/Fire/Ice Peashooters 
Lt. = Fire/Heal/Def and Neg/-res/-tohit Sunflowers
Boss = SS Tree with Entangle CC ability

Attacks would be summoning temp pets that do an attack using per-existing plant models, or other basic "hit with nature" sort of thing.

Unique would be a placable AoE Buff that'd buff all your pets/heal them. Name it Solar Beam or something. 
Other idea for the Unique would be a single pet enhancer that makes them super strong, which would vary depending on what pet its used on so its not always used on the boss.

Powerset: Whips

Inspired by the demonic summoning mastermind, create a weapon-based melee powerset based on Whips
Existing Powers:
Name Level Type Effect(s) Description
Corruption 1 Ranged Minor DMG(Fire), Foe DoT(Toxic), -Res You lash out with your whip, firing a bolt of hellfire and corrupting your victim's very living essence. This attack deals minor fire damage, causes minor toxic damage over time, and reduces their damage resistance for a short time. Damage: Minor, Recharge: Very Fast
Lash 2 Close High DMG(Fire), Foe -Res, Knockdown, Minor DoT(Toxic) You channel hellfire into your whip and make an impressive sweep causing high fire damage to enemies within a wide cone and also cause some toxic damage over time. Whip Crack has a larger range than most melee cones. Targets that are struck will also have their resistance to damage reduced for a short time, may suffer toxic damage over time and may be knocked down. Damage: High, Recharge: Slow
Crack Whip 8 Short Ranged (Cone) High DMG(Fire), Foe -Res, Knockdown, DoT(Toxic) You channel unholy energies into your whip and Lash out at your foe dealing high fire damage causing toxic damage over time. Lash has longer range than most melee attacks will reduce the target's damage resistance and also has a chance to knockdown your target. Damage: High, Recharge: Moderate

Existing Feature Overhauls/Changes for Review

Origin Specific Alternate Animations for Powersets

Alternate animations to fit in with differing origins (originally posited in regards to Fire Sword chain in Fire Melee


Potential Regeneration Suggestions

Alternate Travel Animations

We currently have a convoluted way to alter the pose you take while flying, this was introduced back in Flypose(1-4)

Contact Mission Outleveling Address

A contact overhaul could be implemented to address players outlevelling their storyarcs. Adjust each contact to a wider arc (this is not what I'm suggesting make each contact, just the wide open example):

CompletePlayerLevel 1 // <- can be completed as low as level 1
FailsafePlayerLevel 50 // <- can be completed as high as level 50 
MinPlayerLevel 1 // <- min level to start
MaxPlayerLevel 50 // <- max level to start

Brute V Tanker

Since i21, freedom, Brutes and Tankers were proliferated to both sides. Most of the time, math wise, the Brute prevails. Maybe look into a way to balance this. Icerio, form Rebirth, reccomended moving Brutes to have a single-target taunt focus and leave AoE taunts to Tankers only.

Accolade Pools

Overhaul the Power Pool options and Create/Build a series of power pool sets from iconic primary powersets that are locked behind major badges. basically, an Accolade Badge that unlocks a power pool for your Alts. This would replace Epic Power Pools and Ancillary Power Pools for your toons, but would encourage playing Alts to unlock new power choices for your Toons.


Removing Ears from heads and placing them as as separate "attachment"
  • Some ears cover the existing ones, and others are placed in other spots.
    • Large undertaking, would require alterations to the base heads that use the current ear variations, and for ALL of the head textures to be edited to remove the ears,
    • Possible issue with people whose costume includes wearing obviously fake ears needing both represented
    • Also separate Sun-glasses from horns, or duplicate sun-glasses in both head details, so you can have glasses and horns.
Monstrous Heads
Expanding the customization of Monstrous Heads, ie: Hair, more than one option for facesets (only one Lizard for example)
Monstrous Legs
Adding the options for Skirts/Shorts or Baggy Pants for the shyer monsters out there