Power Icons Template

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power-icon-template.psd is available via the Collab as well as in the OuroDev discord


  1. In the Layers window, Expand the Outer Ring group and choose a layer based on the type of power you are creating an icon for
    • For best results, choose one type and hide all others
  2. Choose an effect based on the type of power you're creating an icon for from the various groups including Pets, Debuffs, Buffs, Mez Effects, and Damage
    • Again, choose a single effect and hide all others for best results
  3. Style your icon using the existing layers in the Overlay group, utilizing Photoshop's tools and filters
    • If you create a new layer in this group, be sure to click Paths, select the Mask path, and then Layers > Vector Mask > Current Path to preserve the transparency of the icon (Example)
  4. Save the icon as either a .png or .dds, depending on your workflow
    • You can then change the Outer Ring and Effect layers to generate multiple power icons with the same Overlay to quickly create matching icons for an entire powerset