Required Directory Structure for Content and Development Tools

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The original developers of City of Heroes utilized a rigid directory structure to organize their development and production content. Most tools developed "in house" rely on this directory structure for operation. It breaks down as follows:

  • C:\game - this is the root directory of all tools, source, assets, etc... it MUST reside at the root of C:\ unless modifications are made to the tools
    • \data - the data directory houses all content that is ready for use by the client and/or servers
      • \bin
      • \character_library
      • \fonts
      • \fx
      • \geobin
      • \menu
      • \object_library
      • \player_library
      • \scenes - this houses various Scene files
      • \scripts.loc - this houses various .LUA scripts and .ZONEVENT files
      • \server
      • \shaders
      • \sound
      • \texts - this houses all written content for the game such as dialog, labels, texture words .TEXWORD, menus, powers, map and mission .SPEC, etc..
      • \texture_library - this houses the .Texture files which are converted DDS files and has a sister library under /src
      • \tricks
    • \src - the src directory houses all content that is in its working format and not usable by the client and/or servers
      • \texture_library - this houses the .tga files in development that will be converted to .Texture files for its sister library under /data
    • \catalog - houses html exports of game data for QA review as part of the Catalog process
    • \tools - houses various scripts and tools to assist in content creation or general development and administration (Folder must exist for some tools to work)