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TODO: Shortcuts/Links, Graphic Examples, Cleaner instructions

OLD NOTES: Customizing a single client loading/login page:

Use one of Leo's tools: cohsplansher for random/custom login generation. Once the .texture file is it also can be packaged into a pigg for lower performance impacts and regular.

Still checking with the creator for how the randomizer works

Additionally package an image using the texture_creator (texture_converter.7z) and then place the texture in bin/data/texture_library/ inside whatever subfolder was used to create the texture. Loading pages should use the -nomips flag to prevent distortion.

For example: Login screen is located and named: bin\data\texture_library\GUI\CREATION\HybridUI\LoginScreen\COH_LogInScreen_Background.texture image must be 1024 by 1024 and is cropped by texture converter to 1024 x 768