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Event: Sunset Vigil
Storyline: From the Ashes
Mission Arc: Rumblings of Destruction
Mission Arc: It’s the end of the world as we know it
Note to self: quoth the Zethfox "That is the beauty of Ouros. Its not one server...its not one entity, its the basis to create and change. What we do with the power Ouros gives us...will be vastly different" tie this into final scene of final mission, or one of the scenes.

Useful Stuff

  • Adobe Photoshop CS2+EoL Key, Installation Instructions and troubleshooting tips, with the Nvidia plugin for .dds
    Plugin filepath: *\Photoshop CS2\Goodies\Optional Plug-Ins\File Format\Photoshop_Plugins_8.55.019.1800.exe

MD5: 43cd7081d09afb2f5a523536998b49d4
SHA512: d3f7582df237d5d3fa60f9f526ac1d45735288cdcdae7ceab48fbacca86563ed250c59133c6566aa27e21f714ec2f40b8d90becdf46938a1d189080fe579a45a

Current Headspace

apologies for the mess

Lore for Vigil/StoryArc

the dimension that was [Paragon_Prime] was thought to be destroyed, One Ouroboros Sect, Midgardsormr, found a single [MacGuffin](a fragment of Time Incarnate, or pillar of Fire and Ice, or World Tree seed, or something) and attempted to restore [Paragon_Prime], as [new_Paragon] was put to the test, that restoration was attacked again, and this time when [new_Paragon] shattered, more [MacGuffin]s were recovered, and Mehen worked as a team with [PortalCorps] to bring in more resources and more hands to rebuild Paragon anew with more hands and greater advances in technology, the [MacGuffin]s were able to be used to rebuild [new-new_Paragon], which first came to full life about seven days and seven months before the seventh anniversary of the First Sunset.


Useful for: All the things? hopefully?

Apparently this is a thing, possible to make text files that can become cut scenes, even the brief overview looks like you can call entities, place them, get them to emote on cue, not sure how to start a demo record, but that might be a way to grab maps and entity names. if it is set up to run cut scenes, it might be able to get abused into setting a baseline to script actual events.


Useful for: Initial mission designs/map choices for editing?

AE is a good source for sifting through map ideas. there are already a few maps I want to revisit and see how to edit them and make them into something newer, better, and brighter for the future... okay roll back on the silly.
Space Map
place looks like you're on the moon looking down on earth, grabbing the sky wrap, and maybe even the landmass might be an interesting point to visit during the .storyarc
Various versions of Atlas Park
the one for the hero one memorial looks like a good way to segue from outdoor area to indoor to another outdoor mission space
there is a ruined Atlas Park, not sure if that would be needed for the funsies, but we shall see.

Specific Missions

Useful for .storyarc

Night Ward Story Arc - The Gate That Cannot Open - Part Two - Seven Keys, Seven Gates, Seven Names, Seven Hates - Part Three - Break into the Eternal Prison
this Map is amazing I want to know how they skinned the walls of this office building, it's like the paths used to get back and forth between First Ward and Night ward, but I love the black and almost starfield-like firefly texture and feel to it. if it could be mapped along an even bigger space this could be an amazing set piece for a meta Ouroboros location, a place beyond space and time. I want it! Map possibly named ETERNAL_PRISON

Groups for Storyarc

More in depth reasons for names being picked and stuff

Faction: Portal Corps

Sunset all a Nemesis Plot?

As it says... using separate page as a spolier of sorts