V2I2 Ideas Notes

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[6:09 PM] gbish: Restore the original loading screen concepts. City of Heroes, City of Villains. Going Rogue, then add custom

This should be easy enough to back-port from the SCORE source. Modify it though, to work with any future -uiskin mode without further alterations.

[6:11 PM] The Goat: An in-game pop-up menu of emotes so you don't have to switch windows every time you're looking for one.

Are some missing from the popmenu?

[6:23 PM] Nil: Individual "bases" tied to characters rather than SGs. Player homes, basically.

There is already code in the server related to this we can investigate. It might already be partially functional.

[6:30 PM] Nemissa: More complex color mapping on costume pieces (3/2 + skin) - maybe this can help alleviate dumb edge cases like Imperial Dynasty (F With Skin) being locked to gold trim

Body regions can already be set to 4-colour mode, this is how capes work with their inner/outer colours. We might be able to extend this to allow for additional colours, it depends how the game identifies where colours 3 and 4 go - we may have to redo textures, or add a tertiary texture or something.

[6:31 PM] Doc Glasgow: Costume pieces from the game's villains.

Already working on this. Expect an initial release with the easy to port stuff once i'm able to focus on it again, then gradual additional releases with harder to port parts that need more work.

[6:40 PM] Dianae: An external editor for missions, like AE, but able to be parsed into the actual servers, eventually.

Any new missions will need a server rebin and reboot anyway, so it might be easier to just write an AE to Server-Def converter, and if people want to write external tools, have them either save in AE-compatible format, or directly as server-defs for their final 'export'.